Vanessa + Alexander | Engaged

Vanessa + Alexander  |  Engaged

Miami Wedding Photographer

Live wildly

Fall willingly

                                Love softly      – Kiana Azizian

As a Miami wedding photographer, I get to capture love unscripted! For over 25 years, I have had the privilege of capturing thousands of memorable moments – moments so artfully captured that I have no doubts that in each and every couples homes are prints and albums that bring them right back to the moments that they celebrated becoming one!

So I am excited to share with you the Miami engagement photographs that we created for Vanessa and Alexander! Now what’s even more exciting than being engaged is the wedding day! It’s manana!

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So who you are going to trust to capture all your amazingness! Selecting a Miami wedding photographer that you are passionate about should be high on your list of to dos. Vanessa found me at her best friends wedding 7 years ago! It was at Lourdes and Christopher’s Cape Cod wedding that she met a passionate, slightly crazy/driven to giving my couples my everything photographer.

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Telling your story – knowing that for generations my legacy is what my eyes have captured and those that gaze upon the photographs will get a glimpse of your amazing experience. But these years of insight also give me an opportunity to engage in so many wedding planning details from the very beginnings of an engagement that I thought I would share with you some great advice.

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Now some things should be on your to do list ~ you may have already thought about some of these, but I would imagine that there are a couple here that may surprise you ~

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  • Get the ring sized perfectly as you wouldn’t want to lose it!
  • Get the “rock” insured!
  • Set a time of year that you’re thinking about getting married because you will be asked ~ When is the wedding? Be prepared with a response like “We like the idea of a fall 2019 wedding?” or “We are planning on an early 2020 date!” This also will give you a sense of direction in your planning.

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  • Now how do you see your wedding day? Are you thinking black tie formal, a casual beach soiree, vintage, modern? I have spoken of the value of 5-6 simple words that best describe the kind of wedding that you both want to have. Those words can range from formal to casual, traditional to contemporary, elegant to relaxed, fun, crazy, sophisticated ~ you get the idea but think of what makes this wedding a reflection of you and your fiance. I think you’ll find decision making regarding anything to do with the wedding a little easier.

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  • Inspiration! Aside from the magazines, check out Instagram! Here you can search for every desire and you’ll find it ~ Create your own Pinterest wedding page and “pin” the things you love. These are great tools to share with your florist, photographer, cake designer ~
  • Create a budget! This is a big one as it will help you determine all the other elements of your wedding.

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  • Start creating a guest list and ask your parents whom they would like to invite ~ realize that this list is going to be quite large at first but it’s a starting point. Once you have this preliminary list created you’ll have the opportunity to review and decide just how big a wedding you want.
  • With your budget and guest list started you can now start looking for a venue that can accommodate your budget and guests list. I know that you have many choices for searching but if you take a good look at Roy Llera Photographers Blog you’ll be able to take a look at hundreds of weddings ~ where they took place, the details i.e. the dresses, flowers, cakes etc.

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Now, one more suggestion! You should without a doubt have a Miami wedding engagement session! Why you ask…

  • To connect! This will allow you the opportunity to connect with your photographer on a much deeper level. When I do a session, it usually lasts 2-3 hours and I am making mental notes of your personalities, how you interact with each other ~ details that are unique to the two of you. These notes will serve me well on the wedding day as I want to make sure that I am capturing who you are! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had a Bride share with me how her fiance dreads taking photos! But an engagement session experience can melt those worries away. It instills confidence in being in front of a camera and in your photographers abilities. Your families will delight in the images and, indirectly, I’ll create an impression and bond with them because their love of the photos will translate into trust and confidence in the photographer. This all results in better photographs on your wedding day!
  • Aside from building a relationship with your photographer, you’re going to get a great set of images that have many uses! Do you have a wedding website? What better than to have these images populate the site ~ current and engaging! Maybe you have “Save the Dates” in mind. So many of our couples have us create a sign in guest book that features these images with lots of space for phrases and well wishes from their guests. Thinking of a great gift to present to your parents as a Thank You? They love photos of their children! How about wall decor for your new home?
  • Plan on coordinating with your hair and make up for your session. It’s a great opportunity to have a  dry run and see how they do!

Engage me in your plans for an amazing wedding experience!

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