Miami Wedding Photography Albums

miami-wedding-photography-album-1The switch from film to digital photography has opened so many doors for me as an artist. I love what I’m able to accomplish when creating images both in the camera and afterwards on the computer. And you, my clients, have benefited as well both in terms of my creativity and the many options available for sharing what I’ve created.

However, when it comes to viewing images, digital may not be serving us very well. There are millions of images taken every year by anyone who owns a smartphone or a digital camera. Most of these images end up on a hard drive or in the cloud, never to be seen again. And if you’ve received the digital files from your wedding, there is a good chance that the same thing has happened to them.

There’s an obvious answer to this issue. Have your priceless wedding images printed and bound into a professionally crafted wedding album. There is something wonderful about holding and paging through your memories – it just isn’t the same swiping on a tablet, or worse viewing them on a tiny smartphone screen.

miami-wedding-photography-album-2A few years back a photographer by the name of Kathleen Trenske wrote an opinion piece for the Huffington Post in which she made a strong case for the wedding album. She made the point so well that I thought you might like to read what she’s written – just click here.

I hope that you’re convinced, that when it comes to your wedding photos, the important decision to purchase an album is only second to that of choosing your photographer. I offer two album lines, but my favorite by far is the Italian Coffee Table Book, which is in fact printed and bound in Italy. Take a look at the sample below and the covers catalog, and then reach out to me so that we can discuss the splendid ways in which you can enjoy your photographs bound in a beautiful album.

The Italian Coffee Table book is a contemporary choice to display your images. Inside, collage pages are ideal for displaying multiple images on a spread. Each spread of images is printed to a single sheet of paper. This differs from the Classic Album with its signature matted format. The Coffee Table book offers many options and cover choices as well as duplicate albums.  The following slide show is a beautiful example of this design style.

We have an entire catalog of covers for you to choose from. You may download it here (right-click on the link and then choose, “save link as”): Coffee Table Cover Catalog

Selecting Your Images is an easy process. Just use the online gallery that we’ve created for you. You may need to let me know that you’re ready to start planning so that I can set it up.

Please contact me with any questions you may have about our selection of albums. Thank you.