To My Brides and Grooms,

miami_wedding_photographer_roy_lleraDeciding how much to spend on your photography may or may not be as simple as looking at your budget, but making that decision on price alone may leave you with less than stellar results. There are of course differences in photographers – and in the details of what you will receive. Even though shopping within your budget is important, I’m sure you’ll agree that the decision needs to be made with personality, style, and price combined.

The best solution is for us to talk and meet. If you’re not local, we can schedule a call or a video conference on Skype. You’ll get a strong sense of my personality, how I see your day unfolding, my opinion on your timeline, and the amount of coverage needed. If you’re newly engaged, you may not know the important questions that you’ll want answers to. With over 30 years of experience, you can be assured that I do, and I’ll make sure that you do too. I’ll share my pricing openly with you – there will be no surprises.

Aside from the responsibility of capturing your wedding, it’s usually up to me, as your photographer, to guide, direct, and make sure nothing is missed on the wedding day. After the wedding day, you will realize that I helped you to keep the focus on your day, and on your enjoyment in a calming, relaxed way. All the while still making sure that I’ve captured the subtle moments and details that you’ll want to remember. That’s where my experience is invaluable.

After the wedding, when I’m preparing your images, I give a great deal of attention to the quality of each one. You’ve invested in me, and it’s just as important that you know that I will invest in you. Of course I’m biased, but I truly believe that the best dollars spent on your wedding (alongside the cake, music, and food!) is your photography. It’s what you have left to remember everything by, after the party is over and “life” kicks in.

I know I am being candid with you as I’m pretty much an open book. I’m not a “sales guy” – I’m an artist with a vision and I’m grateful that you’re considering me. Take the time to meet me and you will see a difference!

Warm Regards,