destination wedding photographyDestination Wedding Photography

I love destination wedding photography and travel! I’ve had the opportunity to photograph weddings in New York, Chicago, Washington DC, Spain, Peru, Columbia, Ecuador, Guatemala, Cuba, Barbados and the Bahamas. So, if you are planning a destination wedding, let’s talk. I know that you’ll have some preliminary questions; take a look below and then reach out to me.

Destination Wedding Photography FAQs

Q: Are the destination photography packages the same as your regular packages?
A: The coverage on the “day of” is the same, however I always include rehearsal dinner coverage and a day-after session when I photograph a destination wedding. You will pay a bit more to have me travel and I really want to cover as much as I can while I’m with you.

Q: Are the fees and prices different for a destination wedding?
A: My fees for destination wedding photography are the same as my local wedding photography rates. The only additional costs that you will want to consider will be:

  • Airfare for at least me and my second photographer. (it is suggested that you purchase flight insurance).
  • Baggage fees.
  • Hotel accommodations (typically 2 nights but will vary depending on the number of days you would like me to stay).
  • Rental car (optional if you have another way to get me from point A to B).
  • Travel fee: $500.00 per team member traveling.
  • Per Diem: $30/day per team member for meals on travel days.

Q: How many people do we need to fly out? When will you arrive and depart?
A: Depending on the amount of coverage you’re looking for, you may need to fly out up to 2 people (myself and second photographer). I will usually want to depart for the destination one day in advance to be sure that delays don’t keep me from your event and to give me time to familiarize myself with your venue and the surrounding area. I will usually depart the day after the event.

Q: Do I need to book the flights?
A: You have the choice of booking the flights and paying for them directly (to get miles or use points) or you may reimburse me for the cost.

Q: Is it easier to hire a wedding photographer who is already located at my destination venue?
A: There are pros and cons to that approach. The main “pro” is that the photographer may be more familiar with the location (that doesn’t guarantee that you will end up great results!). However, the two cons may outweigh that pro – namely how we’ll interact before and after the wedding. Provided that we’re both located in S. Florida, I’m available to meet in person to help plan for the wedding day photography. Additionally, we’ll be able to work together after the wedding on albums, canvas prints, and any other products that you might enjoy having. Lastly, you’re protected by a binding contract and a system to back it up.