Miami Wedding Photographer ~ The Mythical Blue Sole Louboutin Discovered!

Miami Wedding Photographer Discovers Blue Soled Louboutin Shoes

After 20+ years as a Miami wedding photographer, I delight in all the details that Brides and Groom’s attend to in creating an incredible wedding experience. Imagine after 2,000+ weddings, I would have seen it all!

With the help of Carrie and her cohorts in the TV show ‘Sex and The City’. I started paying attention to shoes! Manolo, Jimmy Choo, Dior ~ But where was Christian Louboutin?

Now you can tell a Louboutin shoe by the signature ‘RED’ sole!

Bridal wedding shoes

Then I heard about the mythical Christian Louboutin Something Blues!! But my eyes had never gazed at these elusive beauties til recently ~ I arrived early ~ said hello to the girls and went looking for the ‘Holy Grail’. I know how Indiana Jones felt when he held the holy chalice in his hands…it was an amazing feeling!

Miami Wedding Photographer Discovers Blue Soled Louboutin Shoes

A few tips when looking for your ideal wedding shoes:

  • Comfort should be your #1 priority! Ever see a Bride wincing as she walks…not a pretty picture!
  • Break them in at home slowly ~ weeks before the wedding. If you have dogs, make sure you put the shoes away when your done.
  • A spare pair! Heels can break, feet can hurt ~ you want a back up!
  • Get a pedicure…it feels wonderful and you deserve it!
  • Have your shoes when having your dress fitted. You want everything to be perfect!

I could dream up the headline now “Miami Wedding Photographer Discovers Blue Soled Louboutin Shoes!”  I was interviewed after discovering these and here’s a link to the article ‘The Story‘  ~  Enjoy!

Now I’d love to photograph your ‘something blue’!

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