Sensing the Moment | Yani and Christopher

Yani and Christopher ~ Married

Photographed By Roy and Cristobal
A St. Francis de Sales  and Epic Hotel Miami Wedding



Today’s blog post takes us to a St Frances de Sales ~ Epic Hotel Miami wedding!  Ask any guest what they love about the wedding experience and I am pretty sure that it will be a “moment”. Being able to intuitively capture those special and unique moments during a wedding, is what I love about this kind of photography. You can imagine how many moments I’ve had the opportunity to share with so many couples, parents, and loved ones over the past 30 years. And over that time, I’ve developed the sense to know when an important moment will happen. Look at Yani and Christopher’s images from the Biltmore Hotel, St. Francis de Sales Church, and the Epic Hotel in Miami, and enjoy some of their moments too!

Miami Bridal Portraits

We had the opportunity to photograph our bride, Yani, a few days before the wedding at the lovely Biltmore Hotel. This photo sums up “love” as dad is seen here with a portable fan keeping her as cool as possible one afternoon in August!

St Frances Miami Beach Wedding Photography

The moment ~ you guessed right if you thought that this was the groom, Christopher, seeing his bride for the first time as she enters St. Francis de Sales Catholic Church.

St Frances Miami Beach Wedding Photography

The value of having more than one photographer at a wedding becomes obvious when you look at this image. My partner Cristobal shot this very poignant moment of Yani and her father, from the balcony of the church.

St Frances Miami Beach Wedding Photography

The comfort and love that Yani and Christopher share is obvious as they kneel during their ceremony. You would expect to see slightly nervous faces, but not with these two!

St Frances Miami Beach Wedding Photography

As a visual storyteller, I get to know all the players from the wedded couple to the parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins. Everyone of them is important, so I look to tell the story from many points of view. This special moment caught the father of the bride doting on his grandson!

St Frances Miami Beach Wedding Photography

I was blessed to have this viewpoint as the Parish Priest permitted me to discreetly capture moments during the ceremony from a few great positions. I never use flash during ceremonies so that I can be discreet about it.

Epic Hotel Miami Wedding Photographer

Yani’s dad is looking right into Chris’s eyes as he speaks of family, love and what is important in his heart.

Epic Hotel Miami Wedding Photography

Yani will never forget the joy in Christopher’s smile as he shares this dance with his mom!

Epic Hotel Miami Wedding Photography

There’s no doubt that Chris’s dad is having a great time as well. You can see that he’s so happy to be witnessing the marriage of his son and new daughter, knowing what the next chapter in their lives has in store for them both.

Epic Hotel Miami Wedding Photography

This photo tells it all: a happy couple surrounded by family and friends celebrating their first hours as a husband and wife!

Epic Hotel Miami Wedding Photography

The Epic Hotel provides a stunning location to capture the night lights of the skyline in Miami!

Epic Hotel Miami Wedding PhotographyIt’s important for me to stay until the end of the wedding celebration. Your closest family and friends stay, and the wedding is not over when the bride and groom cut the cake and toss the bouquet. This is one of those “late in the evening” images with the bride and her mom. Mom has one more moment with her daughter before this magical evening comes to a close!

Epic Hotel Miami Wedding Photography

Flowers and decor come alive in the stunning ballroom at the Epic Hotel!

Epic Hotel Miami Wedding Photography

I just had to get one more shot as Yani and Chris were leaving. A great finish to an amazing night!

A special thanks to the vendors whose talents made the day nothing short of awesome!

Reception Venue: Epic Hotel

Floral and Decor: Gil Sosa Design

Wedding Cake: Ana Paz Cakes

Entertainment and Lighting: DJ Luis Bode

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