Loren and Philip’s Wedding at the Four Seasons Miami

Loren and Philip  |  Married

Four Seasons Miami Wedding


As young, cool, contemporary and unique our Miami weddings are ~ there are special moments that make planning a wedding ! From the moment he reaches out to your parents, gets on a knee and you start planning a wedding ~ chances are we are talking white dress, tuxedo, bridesmaids, groomsmen, wedding cake, first dance and that one with your Dad ~ TRADITION! Now when we’re talking tradition and the Jewish wedding ~  images of Tevye, the proud father of five daughters in the movie Fiddler On The Roof come to mind (if you haven’t seen the movie ~ DO!) So when Loren and Philip invited us to their Four Seasons Miami wedding not only was I going to experience and witness an amazing life moment but I knew that to capture the details of their Miami Jewish wedding I would be focusing on so much tradition.

So this wedding started with a proposal which normally comes with a ring ~ Tradition!

Then it has a moment when the groom sees his stunning Bride for the first time ~ Tradition!

And whoever thought that the first look was that of the Groom ~ what of the Dad seeing his Daughter in a wedding dress! ~ Tradition!

Now this family heirloom Bible has been witness to many a family wedding as seen by the signatures and dates of family weddings! ~ Tradition!

Surrounded by your loved ones under the Chupah ~ Tradition!

As I witness the wedding vows I noticed the Rabbi’s manual opened to the wedding service and I couldn’t help wonder how many weddings the pages of this book have borne witness to ~ Tradition!

A favorite part of any wedding for me is that moment when the couple come back from the Chupah just married! Tradition!

Now apart from tradition stunning images showing a romantic side as seen above and something a little different below ~

A quiet stroll, most likely the most privacy they had all day as they both reflect on their moment.

Timeless portraits that 20, 30, 40 years from now will be as fresh as the day they were taken ~ Tradition!

Now to a classy and very engaging first dance, I love the way Philip gives the floor to Loren and the way her gown just twirls!

What joy as together they are lifted by loved ones in the spirit of joy and loving support during what I think is one of the most famous dances that everyone recognizes ~ the Hora~ Tradition!

This guy is on top of the world!

And so is Dad!

What a joy to witness Mom and Dad celebrate with such joy!

Now every wedding has countless moments that are non stop and it’s up to the caring eye of an amazing photographer to capture those moments ~ tradition!

With an amazing wedding comes the opportunity to collaborate with so many incredible vendors: Four Seasons Miami, Heatwave Band, Flowers By Tony, Broadway Video, Wedding Gown By J Del Olmo

So let me capture the TRADITION on your wedding day!

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