Capturing the moments! Valeria and Sixto ~ Married!

Valeria + Sixto ~  Married!

St Hugh Catholic Church Coconut Grove Wedding ~ Four Seasons Miami Reception



Some wedding moments are obvious and others can be so subtle that they hardly get noticed ~ it’s the subtle moments that get away from many an inexperienced wedding photographer. You’ll notice with Valeria and Sixto’s beautiful wedding at St Hugh Catholic Church in Coconut Grove and their exciting reception at the Four Seasons Miami that those subtle moments were captured! Check out the slide show above for a glimpse of an amazing experience!

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Now moments as the one above is captured, not created! It shows to me the tender side of a man seeing his daughter soon to be married and the tender love that each has for the other. Then you see the image below and Dad is master of all, about to escort Valeria to her soon to be husband ~

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That time right after the ceremony seconds after leaving the church can be so amazing with the realization that the beginning of their married lives together has just begun!

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miami wedding photographers

As a photographer with over 25 years of wedding experience, we seek out the moments and are so in tune with what is going on around us. This is what makes a wedding coverage complete ~

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So when choosing your wedding photographer ~ look deep and make sure you’re not impressed with a few cool images and nothing more ~ ask to see a few complete weddings ~ your photographer doesn’t have a second chance to get this right so choose well and with confidence that you’ll have incredible memories for a lifetime!

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This wedding was so much fun for us to capture and it’s these incredible moments that make each and every wedding a thrill to be a part of!

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Special thank you to:

Christina and Gloria of Cymbidium Events for organizing this amazing affair!

Junior’s Band for keeping the party going non stop throughout the evening!

Trias Flowers for incredible decor and design!


We want to be a part of your day!

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