Excellence is in the details! Hollie and Grant have a wedding!

Hollie + Grant  |  Married

Photographed by Roy

A Ritz Carlton Ft Lauderdale Wedding



“Excellence is in the details. Give attention to the details and excellence will come.” ~ Perry Paxton

This quote rings so true for me as a Miami wedding photographer as each wedding presents the opportunity to experience countless moments that are in essence ~  the details of a wedding.  Hollie and Grant had an amazing Ritz Carlton Ft Lauderdale wedding and the attention to detail was evident as it was perfect! There are obvious details as in the dress, the flowers and the cake ~ but what about the little things that are just as important as are the rings detailed floating over the ketubah ~ but note that his ring circles their names and hers the word “eternal”.

Miami Jewish Wedding Photographer

Now I made mention of the moments of a wedding that are the essence of a wedding day ~ and you see by Hollie’s expression below as she takes in the Chupah that surrounds them ~ you can imagine that she is aglow in this moment!

Miami Ft Lauderdale wedding photographer

 I must say that it’s these opportunities to capture so many subtle nuances of a day like this that after over 25 years of photographing weddings ~ each is an exciting adventure of discovery!

Miami Ft Lauderdale wedding photographer

The joy I feel knowing that these images will grace their wedding album, be displayed in their home, the excitement that their children and grandchildren will feel having a wonderful glimpse at what an amazing day this was!

Miami Ft Lauderdale wedding

Miami Ft Lauderdale wedding photography

Now the dreams of a Bride and Groom don’t just magically come true as it takes a team ~ Masters of their individual craft to take the dream and make it a reality! You start of with an amazing venue and the team at the Ritz Carlton Ft Lauderdale ~ you take the artist Jose Graterol of Jose Graterol Designs to attend to every design and floral detail ~ music provided by the one and only Libido Band ~ and balancing these talents together ~ Sara Lowell of Sara Renee Events!

Now I hope you inspired to take the time to attend to every detail and that you’ll call us to capture your wedding day reality with every detail captured!

Hugs to all of you ~

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