“but my feet still hurt” ~

Kari + Jonathan  |  Married

Photographed By Roy

Ritz Carlton Fort Lauderdale Wedding



So often we gets notes of appreciation from the Bride but to receive one from the Groom is rare! This note was sent to Sarah Sherman (wedding coordinator at the Ritz Carlton Ft Lauderdale) and myself.

“My two best friends:

 I received the proofs today, so guess I should call my therapist and tell him its time I work on some sort of closure.  The fact remains, the most beautiful wedding in the world is over.  My experience at the Ritz, which I can now see captured in Roy’s beautiful photographs, have turned those fast fleeting minutes into moments and have made my honeymoon seem second class.  I don’t know if I should thank you both or complain because you guys made my expectations of any other hotel or event unrealistic.”


 “In all seriousness, I just wanted to thank you guys. I wish I could take some sort of credit, but, as you know, I did absolutely nothing to for the wedding.  After seeing Roy’s pictures this afternoon, I know that I could have only messed things up so maybe it’s better that way.”

“It’s funny……I received the same advice from at least 10 people prior to coming down to Florida:  “Something will go wrong at your wedding.  Just make sure not to freak out.”  In hindsight, that was the worst advice ever.  Someone should have asked me to break in my Gucci shoes before I danced for 6 hours because Sarah, you helped make my wedding an absolute fairytale, and Roy, your pictures transformed my fairytale to a form that I will view for years to come, but my feet still hurt.”

“I don’t know how the wedding industry works, but I assume recommendations can’t hurt.  Roy, my wife (it’s still weird to say that) and I are beyond pleased with your work.  I usually hate taking pictures but you really were awesome to work with and the shots I have seen are AMAZING.  There are at least 50 pictures that I want on my coffee mug.”

Needless to say I was beyond speechless when I read this wonderful note from Jonathan! Sort of how I feel at most weddings ~ grateful for the moments that I get to capture for the Bride and Groom, their families and those future generations that have yet to arrive.

As a wedding photographer, I experience some of the most moments over and over again ~ witnessing and documenting the most important day in the lives of lovers and those that love them. Totally aware that they have trusted in me and our team to photograph all the actions and reactions between themselves, parents, family and friends ~ to document a dream of a day that is their reality!

One of my favorite experiences in a  wedding day is the recessional ~ nothing says “We’re married” so well as in this moment that they turn, face all those that are special to them and start life as husband and wife! Kari wanted a romantic, natural look, so she wore her hair down and chose a beautiful Anne Barge gown of layered tulle.

I touched briefly on the action/reaction and the image above is a wonderful example of the reaction to a toast being given in their honor.

Damn we all had a great time at this wedding!

A Few Details:

Wedding Venue: Ritz Carlton Fort Lauderdale

Officiant: Rabbi Solomon Rothstein

Gown: Anne Barge,  Shoes: Jimmy Choo

Hair and make-Up: Nikol Johnson/Fresh Beauty Studio

Decor: Xquisite Events/Jonathan Buick

Music: Marcia Mitchell Music


So guys, here’s a tip from me and Jonathan ~ break in your shoes before the big day!

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