Who Would You Call? ~

Lilimary + Niberto  |  Married

Written By Roy  | Photographed By Roy, Stella, Laura + Cristobal

St Hugh Catholic Church Wedding Biltmore Hotel Coral Gables Reception

If you had 30 minutes to live and could “only” call one person? There’s a story that Father Willie of Belen shares with so many that asks that very question ~ each and every time I hear this story I get teary eyed. Who would you call? I know that Father Willie is expressing that throughout life the “one” that you will call will change over time ~ in the early years it’s a parent and as time goes on it becomes your life partner ~ but he’s also saying don’t wait to express to your loved ones those expressions of love that we all have for those in our lives.

Sunlight kisses Lilimary’s veil as she prepares for the most important moment in her life ~ the moment that Niberto lays eyes on his beautiful bride!

Dad was so cool at home as the girls prepared for the wedding ~ I have no doubt that Lilimary drew strength and calm from his presence.

So handsome is he ~ so beautiful is she ~ the ceremony was magical and as I encourage many of my couples ~ live and love the moment that you are in ~

“A daughter’s a daughter the rest of her life” You can so feel the special bond that Father and Daughter share in this image ~ I love the expression of joy on Lilimary’s brothers face ~ what a great moment!

I often ask ~ What is it about our photography that has so many Brides choosing our studio and the answer quite often is “you have a way of capturing moments that are real”. And here’s another amazing moment as Niberto hugs his sister and tears of joy in his Dad’s eyes…

A Few Details:  Wedding Venue: St Hugh Catholic Church Miami; Reception: Biltmore Hotel Miami; Wedding Dress: Chic Parisien ~ Monique Lhuillier; Tux: Ralph Lauren; Florist: Nevot Flower Design; Music Carlos Oliva and Los Sobrinos Del Juez


So think about the question one more time: You have 30 minutes to live and you can only call one person ~ Who? What would you say? Now after you have your answer call that person and tell them how you feel and then call all the other special people that you thought of and call them too ~ often ~ don’t wait!

Now your engaged and your planning a wedding ~ call me I’d love to get to know you and your fiance!

Love and all things good in this New Year!


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