Wedding Planning 101

Kendall + Brandt  |  Married

St. Sebastian’s Catholic Church Wedding  |  Ritz Carlton Ft Lauderdale Reception

In your lifetime you may have been to many a wedding but until you plan one ~ you have no idea what you’re in for! First of all you get engaged ~ it’s a huge moment, you call Mom, your best friends ~ basking in the glow that soon you’ll be wearing the gown of your dreams ~ marrying the man of those dreams and having the perfect wedding! So you buy a Bride’s magazine or two ~ a wedding planning notebook at the local bookstore ~ you peruse through each  article searching for inspiration and guidance ~ and then you find the checklist! Wow ~ It’s LONG! Budget ~  Pick a date ~ start a guest list ~ who will be your maid of honor ~ best man ~ where to get married ~ your reception venue ~ your dress ~ bridesmaid’s dresses ~ decor ~ photographers ~ you’re beginning to get an idea that this is an incredible undertaking! This is just the “tip of the iceberg”!

So it was with Kendall and Brandt’s wedding that with much enthusiasm the planning of  “the wedding” became a year and a half of details, concerns, high’s and lows and it all culminated in ~ perfection!

This amazing moment was captured just before Dad walked Kendall down the aisle ~ I know as a Dad that this moment is huge ~ a moment that Dad has thought about and played through in his mind over and over again.

Then the doors open ~ you take a deep breath and there before you are your closest family and friends ~ and then you lock eyes with your guy and all is perfect!

With the passing of months and then weeks before the wedding Kendal in a wonderful way communicated with me what they wanted in their photographs ~ creativity, captured moments and perfection! I love theses conversations, emails and attention from a Bride that truly knows what she wants ~ to be taken care of without fail!

During the toast Brandt and Kendall delight in the words and sentiments given by the best man. I refer to this moment as a reaction to the action of a toast ~ and when we are photographing a wedding we are focused on the obvious action and reactions to those moments.

You got to marvel at the stunning chandelier in the ballroom of the Ritz Carlton in Ft Lauderdale! Kendall made sure I knew that she wanted lots of photographs that incorporated this beautiful feature!

It’s been a fantastic day ~ flies by in what seems like minutes ~ on to your honeymoon suite ~ doors close and life is beautiful.

A wedding is the dream of a loving couple that creative professionals then bring to a perfect reality. The team that made this wedding run as smooth as silk  ~  Wedding Officiant: Father Quinn ~ St Sebastian Catholic Church; Reception: Ritz Carlton Ft Lauderdale;  Wedding Coordinator: Shannon Wilson ~ Table Six Productions; Flowers: Always Flowers; Lighting : Frost Lighting; Invitations: Papery & Cakery; Linens: Nuage Designs; Make-Up: Lady Lash Studio; Music: Libido; Ice Sculpture: Styled Ice; Video: Senderey Video

Check out their perfect wedding with the video below ~ just click play!

After a wedding, I come back to the Studio to download and backup the entire wedding and then proceed to create a Facebook album for the Bride to wake up to. This note from Kendall’s Mom the following Saturday:

“Lucky bride today having you.  You are the best–and I haven’t even see all the pictures–however, the raves from the bridesmaids and all those blackberry owners were sure ecstatic on Sunday morning—Thank you so much!! Gerry”

Ecstatic in Miami~

Roy ~ Contact Me!

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