“A Thousand Thank You’s”

Juliana + Paul  |  Married

Written By Roy  |  Photographed By Roy + Stella

Epic Hotel Miami Wedding  |  St John The Baptist Coptic Church Wedding

WOW! This wedding was amazing! From the incredible vibe while Juliana was getting ready with her wonderful Bridesmaids to a sweet first look to a very spiritual wedding ceremony uniting Juliana and Paul ~ The moments just kept coming and we were ready!

There’s always something going on ~ and while I was photographing Juliana she noted this great moment between her Dad and Paul…I love it that my Brides feel so comfortable with me that they can share with me their observations!

The Sacraments of Holy Matrimony are holy and the customs of a Coptic wedding are with purpose. From their names engraved in each others rings  (The groom’s ring must have the bride’s name engraved on it, so that when he wears the ring, it is as if he is holding her in his hands, and is responsible for her. The bride’s ring must have the groom’s name engraved on it, to signify that her groom has become her delight.) To the positioning of the their thrones on the altar facing South and the Red Silk ribbon that ties the wedding bands together signifying that Matrimony is invaluable and precious, and so should be a strong and unbreakable relationship.

During the prayer of Holy Matrimony, the priest places two crowns on the heads of the bride and groom; hereby ordaining them king and queen of their new kingdom – their house.

The priest says, “Fill your heart with spiritual love,” speaking in the singular form, for they are now one heart, one body, and one mind.

Married! An amazing view from the beautiful ballroom of the Epic Hotel!

The party was intense with wonderful toasts, sentimental dances with parents, belly-dancers and a great vibe that made me feel like I was in Ibiza!

A Few Details: Ceremony Venue: St John The Baptist Coptic Church; Reception: Epic Hotel Miami; Flowers: A + S Designs; Wedding Day Coordinator: Nadine Elbadramany of Mark 10 Events

Enjoy their wonderful slide show:

We do something pretty cool at Roy Llera Photographers, the night of the wedding we create a Facebook album and tag the Bride + Groom. I received this wonderful note in response from Paul:


“If a picture speaks a thousand words, your pictures speak millions…I don’t even know where to begin.  The whole experience was amazing.  And, the photos are beautiful.  The road goes both ways on this one, from our very first meeting to the wedding, we have loved your advice, guidance, confidence and skill, and by the very end, you have truly become a friend.  We look forward to many more happy occasions with you as a welcome participant.

I could go on about the comments from everyone, but the long and the short of it, was, “He is absolutely amazing.  He was everywhere.  The photos are astonishing.”  As we say in Arabic, “A thousand thank you’s”.”

To Juliana + Paul:  A Thousand Thank You’s for inviting me into your lives. Photographing your wedding was a true joy and an amazing experience!

Dearest Brides that honor me by looking at our Blog ~ Honor me with an invitation to photograph your wedding day with the sensitivity and joy that I bring to your blessed event ~ you’ll be glad you did!

Enjoy your day!

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