Jennifer & Ben: A Hollywood Beach Marriott Wedding

From the moment I walked into Jennifer’s suite I received a great big wonderful hug and kiss from Mom. Mind you we had only met on the phone but we hit it off from the very first conversation. I knew this was going to be a wonderful experience. I think Jennifer and Ben liked me too…I was invited to their wedding!

Wonderful moments and an awesome celebration are what weddings are all about and Jennifer and Ben’s wedding at the Hollywood Beach Marriott was no exception. It may have been windy and chilly outside but this wedding was warm and passionate!

Special thanks to Barbara Lunny and her team at the Hollywood Beach Marriott for a superbly executed event.

Also Raffi and his team of floral artists at Petal Productions did an awesome job. Thank you! Your floral artistry is stunning and just made my photographs look all the better!

Details; Wedding Gown: Sarah Danielle. Groom’s Attire: Tommy Hilfiger Cake: Ana Paz Cakes. Music: Debbie Taylor & Standing Ovation.

Enjoy the show and please leave a comment. We love them!

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  • Jennifer & Ben

    Wow! Thanks so much for being a special part of our day and for helping us remember what an amazing day it was!

  • Dava

    Wow what a gorgeous video. I can see you smile, hear you laugh, and see the love in both of you as you look at each other. Mazel Tov!

  • Pamela Dern

    Jennifer & Ben what an elegant looking couple… Wish I could have been there to
    enjoy this wonderful occassion. Living vicariously thru the photos is terrific as a
    substitute. You make a beautiful bride Jennifer and Ben a very handsome groom.

  • Alexandra Sileo

    Fabulous! I love it!

  • Judi

    That was one of the most beautiful “videos” i have ever seen. I am so so sad i wasnt there, but so so glad this made me feel as if i was!

  • Roy

    Hi all, I am thrilled that you love the show as much as I enjoyed creating this great love story. For those that weren’t there, I am happy to see that the slideshow brings you close to actually being there. Spread this link to all of your friends and spread the love that all of you have for Jennifer and Ben!

  • Paige Garrido

    Love it. Absolutely fantastic. Your future 5 year old daughter will want to watch it over and over again!! Is that mom and dad when they were a princess and a prince?

  • Joy

    Happy Birthday “Special” Daughter! This gorgeous video has to be the best gift of the day. You know me – can’t stop crying as I play it over & over again. You did 2 really smart things – found the perfect husband & then the perfect photographer! How lucky can we get?! xoxoxoxo

  • Nancy

    simply saensacional, Jen and Ben….the video brought back beautiful,delicious and sweet memories of your fabulous wedding.

  • Victoria Serpico

    Aww what a great video. I was smiling through every moment while watching it. Congrats!

  • christina

    GORGEOUS wedding photos and couple. It’s as if you’re right there at the wedding. Amazing emotion

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